Meaning of Security :the state of being free from danger or threat, a thing deposited or pledged as a guarantee of the fulfillment of an undertaking or the repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in case of default.

Points for Home Security :

  • Pretend to be a burglar yourself, and try to think of ways to break into your own home. Study your home and observe any weaknesses in its security.
  • Lock your doors. Even if you may have grown up in a place where it was okay to leave your door unlocked, the world is different now. 
  • Lock the windows. Ground level windows and sliding doors are easy to open from the outside. 
  • Lock the balcony door. Never leave the balcony door unlocked at night or when going out. 
  • Lock garage doors. Garage doors provide access into your home, so treat them as any other door; make sure they are locked properly, as well as the door that leads from the garage room into your house. 
  • New home, new locks. When moving into a new residence, change all locks as you never know who has a copy of your key.
  • Leave the lights, TV, and stereo on. When you go out, leave a light on in any room in the house or invest in a light timer to automatically turn on lights at whatever time you want. 
  • Don't leave notes on the door.
  • Close drapes. Keep drapes closed in rooms with expensive equipment that could give burglars a peek into your home. 
  • Report strange things to the police. If you see a strange car driving through the neighborhood several times a day, report it! If someone is sitting in their car parked on your street for a long time, report it! A moving van at your neighbors house with no for sale sign, report it!
  • Install security lighting to your yard. 
  • Get an alarm system. If a burglar managed to break into your house, an alarm system could deter him from 
  • Change your lock if you ever lose your key. Someone else might have picked it up. 
  • Make sure your hedges are trimmed below the level of the windowsill.
  • Get a dog. A dog bark can serve as a warning and attract attention, something burglars try to avoid. 
  • Never leave a spare key. It is not recommended to leave a spare key left anywhere around your home, especially in obvious places such as under the welcome mat. 
  • Get safety bars on windows. Especially if your home is located in a bad area. These will prevent burglars from breaking in through the windows. 
  • Get a safe. A safe can help protect not only valuables but also important paperwork, cheque books, bank statements and financial records.

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